Back to Innovation with HP. Filming robots at HP Geneva in October gave me a pleasant surprise. Not only had the whole building changed, the technology of the future was there too...
Posted: Oct 30, 2020
Category: Projects

Written by Jenni Hamilton

I am an independent video producer working with different UN and international organisations. My core passion and business is to produce great looking videos.


Funny to be back in HP after a number of years…. and see how much everything has changed. Gone are the 500+ people who used to work there. Gone are all the standard office accessories. Instead a futuristic, customer center full of state of the art datacenters, high tech vision and modern HP technology on display. 

Filming robots controlled remotely by HP staff in different parts of the world. Using on board cameras, the staff can even greet and meet each other remotely. Its good to see HP putting itself back into the seat of innovation. 

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