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And here is the final film uploaded to the Nikon film competition.Wishing Cindy and all the team lots of luck and success. There are over 1600 films submitted, and the competition is going to be tough.  You can view the final film here LE JOUR DE MA VIE

Shooting ‘Le Jeu’ Brittany February 2021

Violence against women is still a major problem, aggrevated now by the pandemic crisis.  This week, I have been filming with a small professional team on a new short fiction that exposes the challenegs for women.   Wacth for the final mobive sometime in March...

CACM February 2021 Video live

CACM Feb 2020 video live and featured on the Forint cover of the magazi

Russian Jewels Ballet November 2020

Last weekend of November should have been the Russian Jewels Performance. A week of filming rehearsals, interviews, creating collaborations and content with some of the most amazingly good dancers on the planet. Thanks to COVID-19 it was relegated to an online...