I have carried out various project work for associations and local businesses.
Many of these have been voluntary – supporting local arts organisations and my passion for dance and the arts.


Commissioned by the Swiss Mission in Geneva to edit a short video taken from a local cell phone in Iraq for launch of Geneva Peace week  – featuring Karim Wasfi. Karim is the Conductor of the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra. He is is president and founder of Peace Through Arts

The video was part of the Geneva Peace week events

Geneva Pride 2019

Commissioned to film and produce short mini-docs of the Geneva Pride 2019. Included interviews, events, and the parade march in Geneva.

DAY 1 – GENEVA 2019

Launch day for Geneva Pride

DAY 2 – GENEVA 2019

Pride Inauguration and interviews during the event

59 Seconds Stephen Preece

Interviewing people and associations around Geneva for a new start up group Valeur Suisse Institute. A team of journalists and artists bringing impactful media to the web


Filmed and produced short video to highlight the annual Godille championships in Brittany, France

GRANISTEL et les sortilèges de la forêt TEASERS

Commissioned to film and produce a short teaser for the local association Les Musicales de Ferney.

VivantVient Teaser 2020

Commissioned to film and produce a short teaser for the local association VivantVient, local musicians performing in public spaces around Swiss Romande from  Les Musicales de Ferney.

FASCINATION – Casino de Saxon promo

Short promo video for Local Cabaret show in Saxon, Switzerland.

J’Ose – Eclats de Vie

Short promo video for local musicians, Dorothéa Schaab and Francis Planchamp


Commissioned to film and edit the award ceremony for the 48hour Film festival competition in Geneva, 2014. 

Filming included the ceremony, intervews of winners and film categories awarded.

Diffused through the festival website.